Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I find the course list for materials I’ll need for my classes? 

Instructors will provide your course list to you during orientation or on your first day of classes. It should correspond with what you find listed on our website. If there is a discrepancy, consult with your instructor.

Why do some classes have e-textbooks and others don't? 

Textbook type is dependent on each instructor's requests. If you are looking for an electronic version of a physical textbook required for your class, contact us and we may be able to help you order it.

Where do I look for used books? 

Used books are listed with new textbooks if there are any. The number of used books in stock depends on the number the Bookstore was able to purchase through buybacks and from wholesale companies. You can expect to pay about 25% less than new price for a used text. Used texts are subject to the same refund policy as new texts.